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Takagi T-K4-OS-NG Review

Takagi T-K4-OS-NG Review

Takagi T-K4-OS-NG Pros and Cons

The Pros

The Takagi T-K4-OS-NG is an Outdoor Natural Gas tankless water heater that is capable of producing up to 8.0 Gallons per Minute which is great for mid-sized or larger homes. This particular unit by Takagi is also Energy Star Certified which is a great bonus and will save you on your monthly energy bills.

The Cons

This unit is intended for mid-sized or even some larger homes. If you do not need a tankless water heater like the Takagi T-K4-OS-NG that is capable of having up to 8.0 GPM then there are some more inexpensive options for you for a smaller unit.


There are some really great reviews on the Takagi T-K4-OS-NG from people who have purchased the unit. Between the energy efficiency and affordability of the Takagi T-K4-OS-NG, I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a mid-sized home.

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Takagi T-K4-OS-NG Review

About the Manufacturer

Takagi has been a manufacturer of tankless water heaters since 1952 and were the first company to manufacture tankless only products in North America. Takagi has made it their initiative to make eco-friendly tankless products that help to relieve global warming. The Takagi T-K4-OS-NG is another great example of Takagi's innovation.


There are some really great features and benefits to the Takagi T-K4-OS-NG including it's built-in freeze protection and that it does not require any venting which makes installation extremely easy. Like I mentioned above, this unit is also Energy Star Certified which is a great benefit.

Here is a list of some additional features:

- Up to 8.0 Gallons per Minute

- Energy Star Certified

- No venting is required

- 5 year warranty on heat exchanger, 3 year warranty on parts and 1 year warranty on labor

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Where to buy the Takagi T-K4-OS-NG

You can purchase the Takagi T-K4-OS-NG at different online stores or retailers. I have found Amazon to usually have the lowest prices on tankless water heaters. With Amazon you typically have the option to buy used as well so make sure and check with them first.

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