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Rheem RTE 27 Review


Rheem RTE 27 Review

Rheem RTE 27 Pros and Cons

The Pros

The Rheem RTE 27 is an Electric tankless water heater that is capable of producing up to 5.0 Gallons per Minute. This particular model by Rheem comes with a rugged brass/copper heat exchanger and has an on-unit temperature control which is a great bonus.

The Cons

Even though the Rheem RTE 27 is ideal for mid-sized homes, it may provide more GPM output than necessary if you have a smaller home or cabin. You won't go wrong with this unit however if you don't have high hot water usage than there are more inexpensive alternatives.


Many homeowners who have purchased the Rheem RTE 27 highly recommend it. I saw some negative reviews as well but even those people still recommended it. Rheem is an incredible company that makes outstanding products. With all the features and the great price of this unit, I would suggest giving it a try.

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Rheem RTE 27 Review

About the Manufacturer

Rheem was a pioneer in the water heating industry due to their well liked product line and distribution network in throughout the United States. They are known for quality because they frequently test their products and get them certified and tested by third party companies. The Rheem RTE 27 is another example of a great product made by Rheem.


There are tons of great features and benefits to the Rheem RTE 27 including this unit being Energy Star Certified and the on-unit temperature control. The Rheem RTE 27 also has a rugged brass/copper heat exchanger which is very good for long life durability and reliability.

Here is a list of some additional features:

- Up to 5.0 Gallons per Minute

- LEDs indicate active element and standby mode

- Has a compact design to save on space for better storage capacity

- 10 year warranty on heat exchanger and 1 year warranty on parts

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Where to buy the Rheem RTE 27

You can purchase the Rheem RTE 27 at many different hardware store retailers or places online. I have found that not only with this tankless water heater but with most tankless water heaters that Amazon has the best prices. On Amazon there may be options to buy used as well.

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