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Bosch 660EFOLP Review


Bosch 660EFOLP Review

Bosch 660EFOLP Pros and Cons

The Pros

The Bosch 660EFOLP is an Outdoor Propane Tankless Water Heater with the capability of producing up to 6.6 Gallons per Minute. This particular tankless water heater by Bosch includes 83% thermal efficiency which is very beneficial when it comes to tankless water heaters.

The Cons

Even though the Bosch 660EFOLP may be very beneficial to most homes, it may not provide enough GPM for large homes. Even though larger propane tankless water heaters may cost some more money, you may have to upgrade to a larger unit if you have a large home or many plumbing fixtures.


The Bosch 660EFOLP is very affordable, energy efficient and easy to install. I have seen many reviews and rating on this propane tankless water heater and there is a lot of great feedback from homeowners who have purchased it. I would recommend this unit to anyone needing a 6.6 GPM water output.

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Bosch 660EFOLP Review

About the Manufacturer

Bosch was founded in 1885 and is one of the leaders in technology. Bosch has made it their goal to make products that will enhance our everyday lives. Bosch is extremely innovative and stand by their products. The Bosch 660EFOLP is another great example of a quality product they make.


The Bosch 660EFOLP has some really great features and benefits including it's 83% thermal efficiency which will really help with the monthly energy bills. This particular model by Bosch also backed by their 15 year manufacturers warranty which is a huge plus.

Here is a list of some additional benefits:

- Up to 6.6 Gallons per Minute

- Outdoor installation with freeze protection

- Can be used in recirculation and space heating applications

- Based by manufacturer 15 year warranty

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Where to buy the Bosch 660EFOLP

You can purchase the Bosch 660EFOLP at many retailers or stores online. Based on the research I have done, you can typically find the Bosch 660EFOLP the most inexpensive on Amazon. Some pricing may even be lower than what is listed above.

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