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Bosch AE115 Review


Bosch AE115 Review

Bosch AE115 Pros and Cons

The Pros

The Bosch AE115 is an Indoor Electric Tankless Water Heater that is capable of producing up to 2.6 Gallons per Minute. This compact and powerful unit by Bosch is built to last and can very easily be mounted on the wall which is great for an easy installation.

The Cons

The Bosch AE115 is only intended for only one hot water application at a time. If you need more hot water output or have many different bathrooms or plumbing fixtures in general, you may need a larger tankless water heater than the Bosch AE115.


Overall the Bosch AE115 is a great value for the pricing. For a smaller electric tankless water heater it does have a lot of great benefits. Based on the feedback I have seen and other reviews, I would recommend the Bosch AE115 to anyone needing a smaller electric tankless water heater.

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Bosch AE115 Review

About the Manufacturer

Bosch was founded in 1885 and is one of the leaders in technology. Bosch has made it their goal to make products that will enhance our everyday lives. Bosch is extremely innovative and stand by their products. The Bosch AE115 is another great example of a quality product they make.


The Bosch AE115 has some really great features and benefits including the Bosch 10 year warranty with 1 year warranty on the parts. This unit has an average energy efficient rating of 90 percent and can very easily be mounted on a wall.

Here is a list of some additional features:

- Up to 2.6 Gallons per Minute

- Requires minimum electrical service to the home of 150 amps

- Easily mounts to the wall

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Where to buy the Bosch AE115

You can purchase the Bosch AE115 from many different retailers or online stores. I have found that the lowest pricing (some even lower than what is listed above) can be found on Amazon. You may also have the option to buy used depending on availability.

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